Odd Bot

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Odd Bot is a puzzle game about a robot on a journey to collect golden blocks. Let's click and guide this robot through the complex of each building.

Control Your Robot

In this Odd Bot game, a robot is the main character and this character has a main mission: collect the golden block at each level to gain victory. To complete this target, it's necessary to control your character to overcome the challenges of the game.

First, you just need to use the mouse and click on the target location and your robot will automatically move to that location. However, it can only perform this action when there are no obstacles. The path needs to be ready for this robot to move. Therefore, you will have the second task: create favorable paths for your robot.

Build Roads In Odd Bot

To create roads in this game, you need to understand the architectural structure here. This game is like a simulation of buildings. Each level will have a different simulation. You can rotate to view all sides of the building from high to low and from right to left. After observing, look for broken roads or obstacles. Eliminate them and help your robot move forward.

When faced with danger, your robot will stop, so you don't need to worry about the end. In particular, it is possible to move back to the starting line, so you have plenty of opportunities to restart and implement new strategies.