Om Nom: Run

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Om Nom: Run offers a series of attractive prizes when winning thrilling races with On Nom, a cute green frog, and avoiding unexpected dangers.

Om Nom: Run Rewards

This running game provides you with lots of different prizes through different methods. You can collect the prizes you desire while enjoying exciting journeys with Om Nom.

First, you can collect a lot of gold coins from daily login or get random prizes. Besides, coins are also available on the racetrack. Collecting coins will give you financial resources to unlock interesting skins for your character. Not stopping there, you also have the opportunity to meet in the global rankings of the most talented players. This is a way for this online game to honor outstanding players.

Run And Get Challenges

As you probably know, this Om Nom: Run game will take you to simple races with obstacles placed all over the lanes. Controlling the green frog is always your priority in this running game. Besides, there will also be special stages for you to challenge and win special prizes. For example, when you access the Star section, you can join a series of chapters with challenges like Reach Distance, Collect Tokens, or Perform Stunts.