Papa's Wingeria

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Papa's Wingeria is a Papa Louie game version that makes you crave the most with delicious fried chicken thighs and special sauces. Let's start again with Roy! This game is special with unique food and 4 different function stations.

Unique Food - Fried Chicken

The food in this Papa's Wingeria game is very special as you will cook delicious fried chicken thighs. Fried chicken is a famous fast food around the world with many different styles. Coming to this online game, you can experience the process of making fried chicken and decorating them with special sauces. In particular, they are placed on a large tray with other side dishes and create a Wingeria plate.

4 Papa's Wingeria Stations

The number of stations in this version is similar to previous versions with Order, Fry, Sauce, and Build stations.

Order station retains its functionality compared to previous versions. However, the order factors are different. Customers will request the quantity of fried chicken, sauce, and side dishes. Then, Fry Station is where you start your cooking: frying chicken thighs. At this stage, you just need to place enough chicken thighs and time the chicken to cook.

After that, the chicken thighs will be brought to the third stage, Sauce Station. You just need to choose the right type of sauce and pour it over the food before taking it to Build Station to arrange on the plate. When arranging on the plate, you should also pay attention to the side foods. Arrange in the most beautiful way to receive more tips!