Paper Minecraft

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Paper Minecraft is a pixel world to unleash your creativity to mine materials, build worlds, and fend off dangers. You will experience a new simulation life.

This online game is developed based on the legendary Minecraft game and it also integrates new functions to give players new experiences.

Paper Minecraft Details

Coming to this online game, you continue your journey of construction and exploration. You can still collect wood with the available tools. After that, use new materials to build houses, craft new tools, and exploit new resources. Besides, you should also be careful to fight the dangers in this endless pixel world.

To control your character, you just need to use the following hotkeys.

  • WASD - Move, jump, and Swim
  • Mouse Click - Place or Dig blocks
  • E - Open Inventory or Chest
  • F - Eat the held items
  • Space - Drop/ Split an item from a stack
  • O - Save the game
  • P - Pause

These keys are all very familiar to online players.

Other Outstanding Features

Besides the basic gameplay and control elements, this new game also brings you new modes. The game offers 3 modes: Survival, Peaceful, and Creative. Each mode will focus on a character's ability. For example, Survival mode will challenge your ability to survive against dangers while Creative mode will give you plenty of materials to craft. Moreover, before starting the game, you can also select World Type, Skin, and Help.