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Recoil is a unique shooting game where your character is a cube with a gun in his hand. You can only move by shooting and interacting with surrounding items. This game has a special moving way.

Special Moving Way

Your cube character has a unique moving way with his gun. Your gun can shoot bullets at any location and cannot hurt your character. The shots will create a force. You can take advantage of this force to move. However, it is not an easy move because you need to align the move angle precisely. It becomes even more complicated when you deal with difficult levels and complex terrain. You even need to take advantage of the force of the shot to jump to high positions.

Why do you need this unique way of moving? The cause is your character. Your character is a Cube without legs. Therefore, he cannot move in the usual way.

The Goal Of Recoil Levels

The levels in this shooting game all have the same goal: destroy all monsters on the map and advance to the next level. Monsters will appear in different locations and you need to shoot them all down. It is easy to shoot your opponents because they are incapable of moving and attacking. The challenge of each level is mainly the ability to move and find a shooting angle.