Relic Runway

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Relic Runway takes you into an endless race where dangers are always lurking for you. Immerse yourself in this thrilling world and show off your talents!

Relic Runway Moving Directions

Your character is an archeologist who took the ruby on a giant statue. His act revived a medieval monster and it will always follow the archeologist. However, he has the admirable running strength to face this danger.

You can run based on 4 main hotkeys with WASD or ARROW KEYS to move in 4 directions. It's possible for you to jump over obstacles with the W key and you also can slide just by pressing the S key. When you want to move to 2 sides, it's time to use the AD keys. It's similar to arrow keys. In addition, you should pay attention to the special abilities of your main character because he can swing the rope or climb the wall. Two moving skills are also available with basic keys.

5 Other Remarkable Elements

Returning to the main screen of Relic Runway, you will see 5 important sections at the bottom. The first one is Upgrades where you can purchase Shiled, Magnet, Multiplier, Glove, Diamond, Luck, and ATV from 250 coins to 1000 coins. The next part is Shop which allows you to unlock new characters such as a robot, pigman, or dinosaur.

In addition, you also can open relics in the third section to get giant rewards. After that, don't forget to visit the Map section where all players can unlock 4 maps with various terrains, and the Leaderboard section to know your best scores.