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Roper is a simple puzzle game with the clicking gameplay. You only need to click to change your character while trying to collect coins to gain victory. When you join this online game, you will own some superpowers to overcome challenges.

Your Superpower In Roper

You will possess some special abilities that the game will train you in the first levels. First, your character can jump to overcome obstacles with just one click. This character will always move forward until facing an obstacle. Immediately after touching the obstacle, your character will turn and change the direction of movement.

Second, your character can climb high walls by changing direction repeatedly between the two walls. Finally, when you transform into the main character, you can swing. The ropes will appear when you click to move you through great dangers like deep holes or lakes. When playing, you need to flexibly apply these skills to win at each level.

Victory At Each Level

To win, you need to collect all the coins on the map. Your map will change after each level, so you always have to be flexible to use superpowers. In addition, paying attention to the direction of your character's head is important to identify the moving direction.