Snake Game

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Snake Game is a classic snake game with pixel graphics. Control your snake in a closed playground, collect as much food as possible, and avoid any collisions. This game can be familiar to many players.

Familiarity With Snake Game

This snake game is really familiar to a lot of players because it was released a long time ago and has many different versions. The popularity of snake games always occupies the top position in the gaming world. Therefore, it is no doubt to consider this game as one of the most famous games.

This familiarity not only helps players easily control their snake but also brings back many memories. The classic snake game is associated with the childhood of many players. Therefore, when playing it, you can immerse yourself in wonderful memories.

How to Play With Your Snake

In Snake Game, the gameplay is simple as you only need to use the arrow keys to control the direction of your snake's movement. Your snake can move everywhere in the playground to collect food. Food will appear anywhere on the map. Move to that location and collect. Food will help increase points and extend the length of your snake.

The longer your snake is, the more disadvantageous it is for you because you can bite your tail. This will cause the game to end. Besides, the game will also end if you hit the edges of the playing field.