Speed Racer

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Speed Racer challenges all players with intense driving battles on highways with 4 lanes. Avoid all other traffic and move at your desired speed.

Become Speed Racer

Join this racing game and become the best online racer! This game is an ideal environment for you to show your ability by controlling the car. You can control your vehicle with the arrow keys to perform 4 different functions.

The up arrow key helps you accelerate while the down arrow key helps you brake. Two left and right arrow keys will help you move between lanes. Capturing and mastering these controls will help you become a professional online racer!

Some Other Racing Principles

While racing, you need to pay attention to several other important factors. First, avoid all collisions because the game will be over immediately if it happens. There are a total of 4 lanes and you can move to whichever lane you want. Take advantage of this vantage point to avoid all other traffic on the way.

Second, don't forget to pay attention to your time and score. Time will always count while you get points if other traffic is avoided. Therefore, if you want to get a high score in a short time, speed up. However, it will be very dangerous because the collision is more likely.