Squid Game Online

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Squid Game Online reminds you of the famous Squid Game movie, but the characters have been replaced and you will become the main character in your own movie.

Squid Game Online Tutorial

Teaching you all the rules of this game is the responsibility of our Angry Gran website. By following the following information, you can grasp all the essentials to win in this gaming world.

First, to move, you just need to use the arrow keys to move the character in 4 directions: left, right, forward, and backward. When you want to stop, you just need to stop pressing all the keys. Besides, the WASD keys also have the same function and you can use them to replace the arrow keys.

Second, this challenging game will take place with some rules. You will win when you can safely reach the location of a doll without being detected. During the movement, if you step on the traps, you will be destroyed and it will be the same if you are discovered by the doll.

Multiplayer Gameplay When Moving

This online game becomes even more interesting when other players will compete with you for the top position on the leaderboard. Many players will join a round and try to reach the finish line and score points. Besides, prizes and skins are always available for you to unlock. The prizes are usually coins or some interesting items while the Shop section will give you items like a winter hat, magic hat, Panama, or 25+ other items.