Subway Surfers

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Subway Surfers offers thrilling races with the character of the Boy as he conquers a series of obstacles and collects as many coins as possible.

Subway Surfers' Popularity

This game was first released in 2012 with developers Kiloo and SYBO Games and it quickly gained popularity in the gaming world. This game is fascinating thanks to outstanding graphics, impressive effects, and engaging gameplay.

In the game, you will control your character to move forward safely using the arrow keys. Each collision will cause your character to be caught by the police and the game will be over. With endless gameplay, you can run as far as you can to get the highest score. Your achievements will be recorded by the game on the leaderboard.
While playing, you should pay attention to the size of the obstacles to have appropriate methods of movement. You can jump, slide, or turn. Even power-ups are always available for you to collect.

Available Power-ups

The power-ups will be placed in random locations on the map and you can collect them. A popular power-up is the Coin Magnet which helps you to suck coins in the distance. Besides, you can also use other special items such as Jetpack to fly in the air for a short time to avoid obstacles and collect money, Super Sneakers to jump higher and run further, 2x Multiplier to increase x2 the number of collected coins, or Hoverboard to increase your score in a short time. In particular, Mystery Box will give you random items.