Super Smash Bros

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Super Smash Bros is based on the adventures of two famous characters: Mario and Pikachu to create online battles between cartoon characters.

This is the online version of this game. It has different features compared to previous versions. Therefore, the following information is necessary for you to start this game.

Super Smash Bros Characters

The characters in this online game will revolve around the previous versions of Mario and Pikachu. These characters will likely be familiar to enthusiasts of these two series. In particular, each character will have their own fighting abilities and you can see some outstanding examples below.

First, you can see the appearance of Samus Aran which is a powerful fighting machine in the galaxy. With the advantages of science and technology, Samus can execute daring acrobatic feats.

The next character is Kirby with an 8-inch height. Despite his small size, this character has an amazing ability to fly and swallow. In particular, Kirby can imitate the opponent's attack moves.

Behind these two featured characters, you can also see Mario Bros, Pikachu, and others. They are only discovered when you are directly involved in this fighting game.

Instructions To Play This Game

Because this game has been improved to match the online version, there are many differences. In particular, the way of control and selection will also have some changes compared to other simple games.

Super Smash Bros Control Buttons

Take a look at the bottom left of the main screen. You can see some basic control buttons like Fullscreen, Pause, and Control Setting. These three control buttons are the most important and they are placed in the first 3 positions from the left. The particularly important part is the Control Setting. Coming to this section, you can learn how to control your character.

  • Start: Return
  • Dpad: Arrow Keys
  • Stick: WASD

There are also some other control buttons you can learn in the detailed instructions in the intro of this online game. The number of these buttons can make you remember the complex of control way of Angry Gran Run: India where you also use several hotkeys to control your gran character.

Note that you can change these settings buttons. Click on the control you want to change and type the replacement control. Then, remember to press the Update button to save the changes. Especially, if you want to start the game while the intro is happening, you just need to press the Return button. If you do not have this button, you can simply replace it with any other control button.

Entering Official Battles

You can choose to fight with bots or with other players. These matches all take place according to some general rules: perform skills to destroy the enemy. You win when your enemy's damage stats reach 100%. Don't just attack, remember to defend by staying away from your opponent's attacks. This will help you stay healthy and progress to long-term matches easily. If you want to win quickly, do not hesitate to attack your opponent fiercely. Good luck!