Tall Man Run

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Tall Man Run is a special running game where your stickman will be increasingly taller after collecting diamonds. Then, let's run and beat the boss at the end!

Way To Be Taller

In this Tall Man Run game, height is the advantage of each player, so becoming taller is always a necessary task for all players. To become higher, you need to collect diamonds or plus signs. These items will help you be higher. Besides, you should also avoid losing height. Obstacles or minus signs are two typical examples. Stay as far away from them as possible!

These two ways will help you increase your height easily during races in this online game. It's different from Angry Gran because you won't be running endlessly. Instead, you have a destination that represents the victory of each level.

Tall Man Run's Destination

The game's destination is set at the end of each level. You need to conquer this destination to advance to new levels with new races. At this destination, you will see a series of barriers. Destroying these barriers will help you increase your score. However, your height is also significantly reduced. After destroying all 15 barriers, you will advance to a boss. Let's kick this opponent away and win the most proud victory!