Tap Tap Shots

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Tap Tap Shots is a sports game with intense gameplay where you get a ball into the basket within 5s to score a point. This process will continue until you stop. Let's enjoy new gameplay with this basketball game!

The New Basketball Gameplay

This Tap Tap Shots game will simulate the sport of basketball, but it only includes the scoring moment. Coming to this game, you will see a basket and a ball. You can click to make this ball pop up. Control your click force to put the ball in the basket and score a point. This process is only allowed to last 5 seconds and the game will end if you cannot successfully deliver the basketball. However, the first playthrough has endless time for players to get used to the gameplay.

With this special basketball gameplay, challenges will constantly come to you because of limited time. You need to bounce the ball quickly and put it into the basket as quickly as possible. To complete this challenging mission, you should take advantage of your one advantage: the endless number of balls. The game can continuously change the ball for you to make perfect tosses.

How To Score In Tap Tap Shots

Normally, for each successful toss, you will receive one point. The points will be added together until the game ends. However, there are special cases when you perform a high toss. These special shots usually give you 2 or 3 points.