Tiny Fishing

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Tiny Fishing meets your fishing passion by providing a water environment with various types of fish. Let's catch and get income from this endless fish resource. This game belongs to the arcade genre and you can enjoy this online game anyway for free. Let's go!

Ways To Catch Fish

You only have one way to catch in this Tiny Fishing game: use a fishing rod. Your main character, an old man will sit on a boat. Your task is to help the old man drop the rod and catch the fish in the water. To drop the rod, you just need to use your mouse to move to the sides. It is an easy control and any player can grasp it. However, this fishing will be affected by a number of factors.

Some Key Elements Of Tiny Fishing

Some of the key elements in this entertaining game are fishing rods, fish types, and upgrades. In terms of fishing rods, you will need to pay attention to the length of the fishing rod. Long fishing rods will help you reach deeper waters and give you many benefits. In particular, precious fish also often appear in deep areas, so you will gain more profits. This is the second factor you need to pay attention to. To achieve the above two goals, you need the third element: upgrades. As you upgrade your fishing rod, the length of the rod will increase and help you reach more types of fish.