Toca Coloring Book

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Toca Coloring Book prepares all the necessary items and tools for you to color the pictures related to Toca, the childhood character of many players.

This online game is extremely suitable for children who need to improve their creativity. In particular, this colorful environment will be an ideal place for players to create a brighter world.

Two Choices In Toca Coloring Book

This game allows you to make several choices for your drawing process. First, you can choose the picture you want with 20+ options on the main screen. Each picture depicts a Toca activity and her friends. Because this game is a fan-made game, you can see the most outstanding images of the character to the players.

The second choice for you is the drawing tool between the crayon and the brush. These two tools will give you different strokes from small to big size.

How To Color Pictures

No matter which fill tool you use, your coloring way will be the same. Take a look at the bottom right where you see the color you're using. Clicking on it will help you find the palette with tons of different colors. It's also possible to change the size of your coloring tools.

Besides, look at the top right where there are other options such as return to the main screen, Fullscreen mode, sound, return to the original, and save the image to your device. This image save mode is special as it allows you to save the picture you have colored.