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YoHoHo.io is a multiplayer game where you take action to evolve your character and weapons to fight against opponents. Let's beat enemies and collect booty!

This online game will take you to a multiplayer arena with a special character.

Special Characters In Game

Each player owns a special character with the ability to fight and evolve. These two abilities will complement each other to create an invincible character. What are these capabilities? Why does your character need these abilities? Let's find out together in the next section here.

Your character can evolve from a small character to a larger character by collecting energy or fighting other players. When you defeat an opponent, you will evolve faster. The more you evolve, the greater your power. The greater your strength, the easier it is for you to win battles. The more victories you win, the faster you evolve.

How To Fight In YoHoHo.io

In this multiplayer game, you just need to use your mouse to move and click to attack. Your character will always hold a weapon and it will move when you click. Your weapons will also evolve according to your character to increase damage.