Angry Heroes

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Angry Heroes challenges the abilities of the shooting soldiers when angry birds are waiting for you to come and shoot down all the green monsters.

Angry Heroes Lives

This shooting game will give you 5 lives available. Each time you enter a level, your number of lives will be reduced. Therefore, don't waste any hearts by winning each level on the first try. If you replay a level, you will also lose a heart. Besides, the fastest way to refill your life is to watch ads. If you want to play the game continuously, click on the Refill button in the upper left.

Challenges In Levels

Each level of Angry Heroes offers a different experience with the appearance of angry birds. You can see the anger of angry gran or angry dad on our website. However, the anger of the birds is the first to appear. They are angry because the blue monsters occupy their living area. These birds will transform into heroes who sacrifice themselves and destroy these monsters.

How to eliminate monsters? The way to kill them is to shoot. Shoot the angry birds at the monster shelters and take them down. When all monsters are destroyed, you win that level.