Basket Battle 1

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Basket Battle 1 gives you an enemy to officially compete in basketball in a special way. No more moving in the usual way, it allows you to fly to get the ball.

Basket Battle 1's Moves

This basketball game has 2 basic moves with your character. Your character will only be able to stand still without your control and the movements of the ball.

First, you can aim and throw the ball by pressing and holding your mouse. Remember to move the mouse to determine the direction of movement for your ball. When you feel it's the right time, you can release the control button to throw the ball. Second, if your ball does not reach the basket, you can run or fly to the ball immediately by pressing the left mouse button again. This migration is possible in all situations. By mastering this move, you can win easily and enjoy this novelty.

Other Unique Features

Because this basketball game will play out like a battle, the game will always provide you with an opponent to compete with. You will never find this special feature in Duck Hunt. The person who scores enough 3 points in a level will win. Levels are always available for you to access, but you need to complete the previous level. There are no exceptions to allow players to skip a level. Besides, the skins for your ball and character are waiting for you to unlock. In order to unlock new items, let's come back to the main screen and purchase anythings you want.