Car Drawing Game

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Car Drawing Game will develop your drawing talent to draw cars so that it can overcome a series of different terrains and reach the destination safely.

Components of Car Drawing Game

When it comes to this online game, you need to pay attention to some basic components. The number of components in this game is similar to Blob Opera. The first component is the diamond which you can get after winning a level. The use of diamonds is to help you unlock different skins for your wheel.

The second important component is the drawing board where you draw the shape of your car. This place is accessible at any time even if you have already entered a match.

How to Conduct Matches

Each game match will take place with endless time as you can challenge until you reach the endpoint of the track. The tracks will have many terrains with diverse platforms. Platforms can be straight, curved, or zigzag to challenge the abilities of the players. Although there are many challenges with your car, don't worry because you can play again and again until you succeed.

Faced with situations like these, you have the option to transform your car into different shapes by continuing to draw. Draw cars of the right size and shape for the terrain you are approaching. In particular, some levels will give you opponents who will compete to reach the finish line. Victory is the time when you can reach the finish line before your opponent.