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Choir sets up the simplest gameplay for all players to entertain by dragging the mouth with their mouse to make interesting sounds to their liking.

Pull Choir To Sing

This online game is developed by David Li with the participation of Dolphin Club Audio which creates great sounds for you.

Coming to this entertaining game, you don't have any tasks and you just need to entertain yourself with the songs. There are 4 mouths available on the play screen. The biggest mouth in the middle is the leader. When you pull any mouth, it will sing and the mouths behind will also make the sound of the previous mouth. By dragging the mouse, you can change the pitch of this online performance.

These mouths will work together to create harmonies to help you have great moments as well as show your musical ability. Manipulating the mouths to create a song is a difficult thing, so only talented players can accomplish this goal. Otherwise, you just need to entertain yourself with impromptu sounds which is also a goal of the developer.

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