Fall Guyz

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Fall Guyz represents the world of adventure games with cute bean characters as you can control your character to win by reaching the finish line.

Fall Guyz With Multiplayer

This online game will challenge you more than the Basket Battle 1 game because you will be competing with a lot of players instead of a single player. Multiplayer gameplay always gives you interesting and unexpected situations because there will not be any pre-programmed programming. Therefore, you can rest assured about the entertainment that this game brings to you. In addition, the colorful backgrounds and graphics will make you surprised when you can run through various eye-catching platforms.

How to Play With Beans

Let's start a challenging race with cute boys. After the game starts, quickly run forward and be careful of both opponents and obstacles. The opponents can push you or run faster than you. On the contrary, obstacles are dangerous in their own way as they will block your way and make you return to the beginning line to restart your race. Both of these problems bring you disadvantages to gaining victory.

To overcome these dangers, you need to run and jump by clicking or touching the screen. Besides running to the finish line before the opponent, remember to collect stars to unlock skins for your character. Clever control is essential for all players to achieve good results. It also looks like an ideal environment for you to show your talents, so don't hesitate to jump into this adventure game right away.