Geometry Dash Breeze

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Geometry Dash Breeze gives you Training mode and Normal mode to steer your character through a series of dangers. New winds will blow through your world.

Coming to this new online game, you cannot ignore the available modes and levels. Let's learn about modes and levels together.

Geometry Dash Breeze's Mode

This online game includes two modes: Practice mode and Normal mode. What are the similarities and differences between these two modes? First, the gameplay and control of the two modes are completely the same. You can apply the same tactics to conquer the two modes. However, the Practice mode will be easier than the Normal mode because it has support from checkpoints. Checkpoints will allow you to continue your travel distance. With these similarities and differences, you can improve your skills in Practice mode before proceeding to Normal mode to challenge yourself.

3 In-Game Levels

In terms of levels, there are 3 options for you: Over The Clouds, Into The Zone, and Ghost Ship. Each level is very unique and has different difficulties. You can see their different star counts. The higher the number of stars, the more difficult it is to prove. The levels will be sorted by increasing difficulty. However, you can absolutely choose any level to play. This running game does not require you to play in order. After conquering all 3 levels in this version, you can come to Geometry Dash SubZero, the latest volume to have more adventures!