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Gulper.io is a multiplayer snake game with light dots. Thousand of snakes will compete together in a thrilling arena to find a ruler of the map. Like YoHoHo.io, this game also belongs to the multiplayer genre, so there are intense battles to find winners.

Multiplayer Snake Arena

Welcome to this Gulper.io game where you can immerse yourself in the snake-fighting world! In battles, you will transform into a snake with a unique name. The snake in this new game has a special feature compared to other games of the same genre. The snakes will emit bright rays. Besides, on the battlefield, the food is also eye-catching bright spots. This multiplayer battlefield always offers a brilliant environment for all players.

Rules Of Gulper.io

The rules for this snake game are similar to many other games of the same genre: avoid collisions. Collisions with other snakes or walls will cause your character to be destroyed. However, when other snakes collide, it is a huge source of food. Eating these foods helps you grow faster and bigger. Besides, if you can't destroy the opponents to collect light dots, you can eat light dots scattered throughout the map. This collecting work will help you to get a high ranking on the leaderboard.