Gun Mayhem 2

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Gun Mayhem 2 continues the thrilling shooting series, Gun Mayhem, with more players in this new version. Keep taking your weapons and fighting other gunners.

The Similarity With The First Version

The first version of this online game is Gun Mayhem which is also available on our website for free. Both games are part of a series with similar features like Campaign, Custom Game, and Weapon Library. These items are considered to be the signature parts of this fighting game series. They not only help diversify the experience for players but also help all players unleash their creativity for their matches.

These mentioned sections are probably familiar to you if you have played the first version. However, if this is your first visit to this game genre, you can follow the details below about this second edition to know all the necessary details.

Gun Mayhem 2 Details

The first item is the Weapon Library where you can unlock 40+ different weapons with SMGs, Snipers, Shotguns, ARs/LMGs, and others. Before unlocking a gun, you can follow the information about that weapon below.

The second part is Custom Game with more modes. Two new modes are Gun Game Reversed and Jetpacks which give you a unique experience. Moreover, the Challenges section is a completely new part with at least 7 challenges with 3-star values.

Finally, the Campaign section is a completely different place from the previous version where you would fight level by level. The number of opponents in these levels will increase with the difficulty of the game.