Helix Jump

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Helix Jump presents online players with an exciting game by rotating a pillar to avoid red platforms and reach the finish line to win and get the highest score.

Your Helix Jump Score

Coming to this game, your goal is to score as many points as possible by passing as many platforms as possible. In the process of earning points, you can also pass each level with a different number of platforms. As you progress to a new level, your points will be added to the next level. However, if you die on a level, you can replay that level. However, your score will return to zero.

This entertaining game will record your highest score after each round. Pay attention to it to see what you are achieving and you can compare your score with other players to see your playing abilities.

The Specialty Of This New Version

Coming to this new version of Helix Jump, you will experience new features. The most prominent feature is the blue arrows of power located randomly on any platform. These arrows will give you a huge source of power to destroy all platforms in your path including the red one. However, note that it only lasts for a short time.

Besides, the old features are still preserved such as rotating the column by moving your mouse and getting power-ups after conquering a certain distance. The easy control of this game makes me remind to We Become What We Behold where you only need to click to play.