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Jacksmith leads you to become a blacksmith when you will craft powerful weapons to meet the needs of your customers and get profits in the monster land.

This game is also inspired by the Papa Louie series. Let's click on the Play button to start crafting various weapons.

Jacksmith Story

In the Lowland, there is a great king and queen. They have ruled this land for a long time and have a beautiful daughter. Unfortunately, that princess was taken by a bad guy to the land of monsters. The king and queen have offered a reward to those who can rescue the princess. Jacksmith was interested in this bounty, so he infiltrated the monster's land by transforming it into a craftsman. Here, he can come into contact with a lot of monsters and collect useful information.

Jobs in the Land of Monsters

Monsters will come to your shop one after another and make requests for weapons. Take these orders and make them according to their requirements. After receiving your order, you need to click on the Craft button to select metal and melt the material before pouring it into the frame. Finally, use the hammer to shape the weapon.

After completing all the stages, give the weapon to your customer to receive a profit. Your profit will depend on your weapon quality and production time.

With such basic steps, you can become a real Jacksmith in the monster world. However, there will also be some other processes that are specifically guided when you start playing this online game for the first time. Therefore, please pay attention to this detail the first time you play!