Papa Louie

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Papa Louie brings you to immerse yourself into thrilling journeys to rescue his cooks instead of making delicious dishes. It promises to become a unique trip.

When Pizzas Attack

The delicious pizzas made by Papa Louie suddenly turned into monsters. While the two sides were preparing to fight, a mysterious power sucked them into a mystical dimension. The pizzas took Lucy away. Become Papa Louie and start your journey to rescue delivery boy Lucy.

During this journey, you will have 5 chances to revive and countless coins and bombs that you can't collect in Dreadhead Parkour where you have only one opportunity to run. Let's start moving and resist the onslaught of pizzas.

Run As Papa Louie

The character Papa Louie can move flexibly forward and backward thanks to the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW keys. It is also possible for Papa to jump by pressing SPACEBAR. Especially, when you want to drop the parachute to land safely after jumping, hold down the spacebar.

Besides, to attack your opponent, don't forget to use the Z key. There is a tip for you when attacking: press and hold the Z key while moving to prepare to attack. After timing it properly, you can release it to strike a critical hit. Another fun way to attack enemies is to bomb by pressing the X key. With these two attacks, you can destroy your enemies. However, pizza monsters can throw cheese at you and immobilize you. Press the spacebar repeatedly to escape this cover.

After killing a pizza monster, use the DOWN ARROW key to close the pizza box and collect it. Finally, take this pizza box and run to where Lucy was arrested. This pizza will give you enough weight to open the trap that is holding Lucy.