Naruto Runner

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Naruto Runner is inspired by the famous Japanese manga series Naruto and it allows you to join the race to avoid obstacles to get the highest score.

Naruto Runner Rules

The rules of this game are similar to what you do in Mario Runner because everything happens according to the same rules. Your character will also run in an endless straight line with obstacles that will prevent your movement. Therefore, you need to jump to avoid colliding with them. The only way to get your character to jump is to use the spacebar or the up arrow key. The other control keys are not available in this game.

Besides, you can also track your highest score by day and all time. This statistic will show only the top 5 scores.

The Specialty Of This Naruto Game

When coming to this online game, the most special thing is your main character, Naruto. This character is already very popular and has become the inspiration for many games and movies and this game is no exception. Naruto will appear with his signature move: running with his hands behind his back and his back down.

In addition, you will also see the appearance of Kakashi Hatake. This character will act as an obstacle. Naruto will have to stop his journey if he crashes into Kakashi Hatake.