Nyan Cat Runner

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Nyan Cat Runner is a race of talented players who control a Nyan cat to overcome a series of challenging obstacles and join the daily and all-time rankings.

Playing With Nyan

In the races of this online game, the main character will be a familiar cat, Nyan. This cat will bring us a colorful world with its rainbow tail. This character is familiar to anime enthusiasts. Now, you can satisfy your passion again by playing with Nyan.

Nyan Cat Runner Principle

The principle of playing this game is similar to Naruto Runner because they all follow one principle: avoid obstacles to move forward. With a single press of the spacebar or the up arrow key, you will activate Nyan's autorun. Along the way, there will be many obstacles appearing such as spaceships, aliens, or robots. You need to control Nyan to jump and avoid collisions.

These collisions will cause the game to end immediately. To control jumping, you just need to keep using the spacebar or the up arrow key. Your running time is endless. You just need to use your ability to avoid the obstacles as much as possible.

Besides, the top 5 winners of the day and all time will be shown on the main screen. Currently, the all-time record of Nyan Cat Runner belongs to player H M M M M with 2,147,483,647 points.