Tank Wars

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Tank Wars represents the world of tank combat gaming. Coming to this online game, you seem to transform into agents with your tank to complete the mission.

Tank Wars Modes

To meet the entertainment and combat needs of players, this game will provide you with two familiar modes: 1 Player and 2 Players. They allow you to play alone or with your friends like the fighting Gun Mayhem game where you can experience intense shooting battles. However, the characters and combat objects of these two games are completely different.

In particular, you can also choose the difficulty and create more levels for this fighting game. This self-designed mode will give you a more enjoyable experience as all the battles you participate in bring the features and gameplay you want.

How to Fight On Each Level

Each level is designed with a separate map where your tank will have to fight the enemy tanks. Move your tank to shoot down other tanks while taking advantage of the terrain to avoid enemy attacks. Note that your enemies will gradually break down the walls and make you lose your hiding places. Therefore, killing enemies quickly will give you more advantages.

The gameplay is the same for both modes. However, the 2-player mode will give you an advantage when you have a companion to fight together.

  • Player 1: WASD to Move; Spacebar to Shoot.
  • Player 2: Arrow keys to Move; 0 key to Shoot.

Although there are 2 players, you can see that the number of buttons is not many, so it's easy to master and play for all players, especially new participants.