Tunnel Rush

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Tunnel Rush shows a series of top-notch challenges with only two elements: speed and obstacles. Conquering them and getting a high score are your top goal.

Tunnel Rush Challenges

As you can know, the challenges of this online game come from the speed of movement and the red obstacles.

Your movement speed is fast right from the start of the game. That speed will never slow down that is the opposite of Speed Racer where you can brake your car. In this situation, the only solution for you is to quickly adapt to that speed. Practice moving in the tunnels many times and good results will soon come to you.

Besides, the red obstacles constantly appear to block your way. Colliding with these obstacles will cause the game to end. This result is something that no one wants. Therefore, avoiding collision is the top goal for all players. However, the movement of the obstacles again gives you challenges to conquer. They can have many shapes and move at different speeds.

Controls and Conquests

When participating in Tunnel Rush, you just need to use the right and left arrow keys to move in the tunnel. You'll need to use this move as flexibly as possible to adapt to the game's speed and obstacles. Besides, moving in the opposite direction with the obstacles will be a good tip for you to conquer this game.